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    This is an  ORIGINAL MUSCLE CAR enthusiast, investor, collector friendly web site.  
Here you will
find many exceptional examples of ORIGINAL MUSCLE CARS for sale.  
    The cars my friends and I collect, are usually ALL Original, Well Documented, Numbers matching examples, that retain there all original sheet metal!!.  If cars like that, are what you are interested in?  YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!!
  Please check out my "CARS FOR SALE" page to see what ORIGINAL MUSCLE CARS are for sale.  Check back often, you may find that dream car you have always wanted.


    We all have our reasons for loving these cars, for me it started very early in life, with a ride in Grandpa's 1930 Model A down to the local dairy for an Ice Cream cone.  Then I graduated to helping dad work on his "dream" cars in our garage, but what really hooked me, was growing up as a pre-teen in the 70's, and having my three older siblings bringing home all that MUSCLE!  I have been hooked ever since!
    I will drive anywhere in the United States to bring home a CORRECT and Righteous ORIGINAL MUSCLE Car, but when I find that "other" car, I sometimes have to sell one to get one, thus the reason for the "for sale" page.  I also have many friends that are a little more "senior" in age, that also collect CORRECT MUSCLE CARS, they are not exactly computer savvy, so I will sometime's have their cars for sale or others for sale in our area.
    Maybe you have a Muscle car you would like me to sell??  


    Check out the "CARS FOR SALE"  page often, it is updated daily, changes often, and always has some real nice ORIGINAL MUSCLE CARS that you or someone you may know, are looking for. 


    Visit my "CARS WANTED"  page, if you have an Original, Number Matching example of an American Muscle car for sale, or you know someone who does, please contact me bob@originalmusclecars.com.  Cash rewards are available for leads that materialize into the purchase of an ORIGINAL MUSCLE CAR. 


    I also offer "MUSCLE CAR SERVICE"  is available.  Put my 20+ years of knowledge to work for you.  Provide me the details of your "DREAM" car and let me go to work.  I know of hundred of ORIGINAL MUSCLE CARS, mostly in the Midwest, I have many friends that worked at the factories building these MUSCLE cars, along with many other contacts in the industry/hobby.  I will provide you a professional, detailed oriented service for a very reasonable fee! 

I also offer MUSCLE CAR services in my shop to include:

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Restoration Maintenance

Consignment Sales

Contact me at bob@originalmusclecars.com for details.

Thanks for visiting ORIGINALMUSCLECARS.COM, I look forward to hearing from you!


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